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SHAG is a creative platform for young adults to engage, engage and explore sexual politics, mental health

and sexual health. It is a cluster fuck of messy, complicated, inclusive, individual and innovative creatives from

all over the world that want to be free in their own skin, to make the art they want t make, love the people

they want to love and demand the respect they deserve.

SHAG is more a way of living, a way of being, more than anything else.

It’s an approach to life, a way of seeing the world and treating human beings.

We were failed by our education system in Britain. Denied the correct education and language that would

enable us to communicate about consent, assault and forgiveness. How to be respectful in your relationships and

how to protect yourself are abilities that we are expected to have and figure out for ourselves.

 We are committed to tackling rape culture, misogynist behaviour, any form of intolerance

and to create the space that we all deserve. 

SHAG is made up of a collective of creatives who network, rub shoulders and

form connections stronger than work.

It has been brought to our attention that members of the creative industry in London

have been abusing their power and position of influence.

These people benefit off moving round London social circles, riding off relatively small waves of fame and using it to

abuse, manipulate and coerce normally quite young girls. We all need to be better, we all need to be more active, to

create safe spaces so that everyone can grow. Take affirmative action to stop this tolerance. SHAG is about activism

that you can implement into your daily life, in your daily interactions. Its about taking back control, feeling in control

and admitting when you lost control. It is owning who you are, admitting your mistakes and pledging to continue to

create a space for people to make mistakes. 


At SHAG, we do not believe in cancel culture, however much anger we have towards people. Cancel culture

does not work.  We cannot do this by ending the conversation  We have all participated in a patriarchal society and

by taking accountability you are not guilty or a bad person. You recognise that you have been a victim of this

system and you are committing to changing the narrative.

More life. More education. More love. More shagging.