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SHAG is an independent movement of young creatives who want to change the way we speak about relationships, consent, gender, bodies, health and all things sex-related.


Part of facilitating Sexual Health And Growth is holding a space for conversations, without censorship. In short, we need to Have The Conversation.


What does having that conversation really mean to us? 

It means being challenged, being a challenger, and being okay with that. 

We aim for our platform to be as open as possible to anyone and everyone. We are a space to speak about the issues that affect young adults today.


We at SHAG believe that meaningful cultural shifts are furthered by having the difficult discussions.

The messy discussions.

The deeply personal discussions.

At SHAG the personal is political and we have a responsibility to not only look at the inter-personal, but also at the big picture: the institutional, the systemic, the intersectional. 

We are a creative platform where young adults express, engage and educate one another in sexual health, relationships and sexual politics. 


At SHAG our aim is to equip a generation with the necessary tools to communicate with one another in a respectful manner. We believe that regardless of the details of an individual’s beliefs, communication should be rooted in good-faith.

SHAG is a way of living and a way of being, more than anything else.

It’s an approach to life, a way of seeing the world and treating human beings.


For too long, we, along with generations before us, have lacked the proper vocabulary to get to the root of our issues. We have spent too long indulging in the thrilling anger and drama of passing judgement and condemning instead of coming together and asking how we might repair social wrongs, rehabilitate wrongdoers and prevent further harm from occurring.


How to be respectful in our relationships and how to protect ourselves are abilities that we are expected to just have, otherwise we are left to figure these things out for ourselves via trial and error. This is too passive. Time is of the essence and proactivity is our promise. 

We are committed to tackling rape culture, misogyny and bigotry in all its forms. We are dedicated to creating the space that everyone deserves. SHAG is about activism that you can implement into your daily interactions. It’s about taking back control, feeling in control and admitting when you lost control. 


SHAG is owning who you are, admitting to your mistakes and deciding every day to continue to improve whilst making space for people who are in a different part of their journey to you.


Cancel culture does not work. At the best of times it ends the conversation. At the worst of times it only affects the most vulnerable members of society, whilst those with more privilege slip through the net and carry on as they were. Neither of these is acceptable. And so we must keep the conversation going, enforce boundaries and commit to changing the current conditions.


​More life. More education. More love. More shagging.

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