Bi Diaries #3

I have always struggled to put myself in a box, I’ve known I was bisexual from a really young age however expressing it was a lot harder. I constantly battled with myself, changed my appearance, my hair, the way I present myself. I think that these feelings mainly stemmed from my surroundings, I felt the pressure to fit in, to some extent follow societal standards. Over the past year I have started to find myself more and more. Starting a new direction and being surrounded by creatives has helped me find my confidence in both myself and my art. It has pushed me to follow my own individuality and allow myself to stand out. Using clothes as a way to express myself and experiment has also always excited me. I now use them to my advantage, I’m not scared of looking different, I want to be seen. It’s honestly like free therapy. One you break through the first time and step out the house in something you’ve been scared to wear for so long, it’s liberating.

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